Hey Ida — great write up.

This part: “I can’t champion something I barely understand

The concentration of power has not only happened because of how protocols and systems were designed. Giants like Facebook and Google helped make technology accessible and easy to use for most people. You can use the Internet today, without having any clue about how it fundamentally works.”

in my opinion is one of the opportunities of shifting to a decentralized web. Ideally we continue to raise the levels of digital literacy so that understanding how it works is a basic expectation. Not everyone needs to code it but they do need to understand how it affects them.

Although you wrote this just prior to the news about Cambridge Analytica, it’s worth noting that data collection is something that many did not consider because they put their naive trust in the giant platforms until they learned of this.

With peer-to-peer technologies, we will (hopefully) have more agency over our data and our files. It is so early but worth taking a role in it now by experimenting with the early projects.

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Principal at OpenWorks Group, Tech Strategist, Writer, Researcher, Social Justice Technology Advocate, PhD Student in Media Psychology.

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