• Murat K. Berme

    Murat K. Berme

    I like Microsoft and entrepreneurship.

  • Uber Freelancer

    Uber Freelancer

    Uber Freelancer is an up and coming Freelancing web site were people can post jobs or find work. www.uberfreelancer.com

  • Matt Pacyga

    Matt Pacyga

    UX/CX | Mobile | Tech Business | Interests: sound design, music, tech and kicking ass

  • Robert Lalonde

    Robert Lalonde


  • Gerred Blyth

    Gerred Blyth

    See more focused tweets at @deptofbrilliant Here, a single annual tweet straight from the heart. Get ready.

  • Monica Robbins

    Monica Robbins

    Social scientist and educator of analytic methodologies. My current research focus is counternarratives, aka conspiracy theories and how we use them.

  • Sheryl Sandpiper

    Sheryl Sandpiper

    SDR / Content Writer at Schwab Consulting Group. Follow @timschwab, he's a 3x startup founder, investor and advisor. University of Oregon grad. #goducks

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