As with many, the 2016 election left me feeling bewildered about the effects of the web on society. As someone who’s been working on the web for nearly her entire career, I wanted to improve my understanding of online human behavior and trust to contribute more responsible technology. In 2017, I started working on a Ph.D. in Media Psychology at Fielding Graduate University and am currently working on my dissertation that studies the adoption of self-sovereign identity. In many respects, this aligns with the work I’ve been doing for the last decade in ed tech and Open Badges.

Self-sovereign identity and decentralized identity are emerging to be underlying elements of the technology stack being evaluated and piloted for use in education and workforce credentials. Initiatives are evaluating how self-sovereign identity can be used for student ids and library ids. The technologies are also applicable to education records, credentials, and CVs. …


Kerri Lemoie

Principal at OpenWorks Group, Tech Strategist, Writer, Researcher, Social Justice Technology Advocate, PhD Student in Media Psychology.

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